Saturday, 9th of October 2010

Them lazy bastards.

4 days in a row in a cabin, middle of nowhere with a camera and NOT A SINGLE ENTRY ON THE DIARY. Seemingly it´s so hard to drin...ehm, perform vocal lines that there simply is no time to blog things up. Lucky for them, me and Marko were busy in Helsinki instead.

I believe you poor guys haven´t got a single clue what we´re doing, so I give you a hint.
This is not going to be your ordinary album, believe it comrade (BiC)! What was supposed to be an ordinary record with short songs turned out to be a massive concept album with sound design, acting (!!!! ) fear not, you will hear no "lines" whatsoever bullshit :D and a goddamn journey through the end of the world.

I´m so excited, and I just can´t hide it.

Yours, the fat bastard.

PS: And now, something completely different.
For those of you playing Carcassonne....have a brief look to the upper side of the picture.

Lakupaavi hasn´t left the building.