Friday September 10th (day 7)

The sound is still there, worry not. You see, the most ultimate group of studio magicians, which includes Jukka (engineer), Mitja (guitar player) and me (janitor), never pussies out. The guitar sounds as violent as a drunken executioner and that's the way we like it, aha.

Mitja already recorded song #7 and after checking out some details he's ready to start with another one, while I'm having lunch. Which, quoting Henri, really has enough chili for me to see through time! You see, there's no use for common sense in Moonsorrow sessions, in anything.

- Ville

Yesterday we went through ENGL, Peavey, Fractal Audio Axe FX and Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier to find the best, ugliest and most buzzing sound. We finally found the right attitude from Mesa Boogie, an amp that i´ve never liked before.

It´s now 4 pm and i´ve played half of the songs.
But suddenly the mixing console made a loud snapping sound and we lost all the functions in it.
Nearest maintenance for such thing is in Germany or something.
So i think we must quit for today.



Nino, the grand master of the Sonic Pump empire came to the studio, despite his aching hangover and fixed the console in 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

Mitja finished his take for song #5 and now we're re-recording over some mistakes ("mis-take" as in its literal meaning), while Henri's Harley Davidson is anxiously waiting outside to get started. You see, even producers can't have their beers before they've driven their bikes home.

Meanwhile, I can.

- Ville