Thursday September 16th (day 11)

Day Eleven. Not that band though. Time is flying!

I started the day around 9am, when I came to the studio all by myself (such peace of mind!) to record my demo vocals. Now we have at least *something* in place of every verse and chorus, so Henri will have his chance tomorrow to see if some arrangements are to be changed. He'll probably throw all my ideas to the garbage bin anyway, hah!

Seriously folks, I think it sounds massive. We seem to have a lot more vocals here than what we're used to. That of course means a lot more lyrics and helluva lot more torture. More about that later.

Whatever, I am now sauna fresh and anxious to get back into the control room to hear what Mitja recorded for his guitar solo. Meanwhile, Marko is bulding his set of percussives for some supercool ethnic overdubs. Anxious to hear that as well.

As Spede once said, "it's time to take my beer". In a couple of hours we'll hit the road to see Finntroll (where Henri is playing as well) and later on, Marduk (where Henri will be attending as a background drinker).

Sorry, but I have to pick a new album from my iPod.

- Ville