Sunday September 5th (day 4)

Good ol' Otari was exhumed and abused to achieve the natural shit sound for the drums 'n bass.


We also nailed song #3 yesterday, so the future is looking really bright now. You see, we'll exit Finnvox after today and continue with guitars on Wednesday. That'll happen in another location, which will be revealed in due time.

Today, we're playing mostly SLOW music.

- Ville

Vice Captain's log, 13:11. Technical problems / keyboard retardation.

- Ville

Yo hobos!

It's me again. Everything that had to be done from my part and from the part of the drummer is done. Killer drumming and killer bass lines, as I said. And also "some" bass slides, which we took the most time with. "Why", you ask. Because!

Now we're waiting for the tape engineer to set everything in place. As Mitja clearly hinted, we ARE using some kvlt old-school analog methods for the drums.

The title of the album will be "Funeral Retardation" and it will be really slow.

- Ville