Wednesday September 8th (day 5)

So, we arrived to Sonic Pump Studios this morning to start with the guitar tracks. The first thing we found out was that there is no more smoking inside the building anymore! And, just outside the front door there is a road construction with some angry construction men.

However, one other Finnish artist WAS allowed to smoke inside. Actually, even inside the recording booth. But that's another story. We're quite not as far with our careers than him anyway.

And we're not far with the recordings either. As I said, we're just starting with the guitars. After some technical annoyance we got ready to experiment with the guitar sound switching cabinets and mics and whatnot. I guess it went smoothly, because I took the option to go to the sauna and let the guitar players (both of them) and the engineer decide about the sound. What could I possibly say about it anyway? I'm just the bassist, remember! And I hate guitar playing. In my opinion, it's useless pastime.

So, I went to the sauna and I'm still on that path. Very refreshing. It clearly sounds like they're already recording something. I might check it out later.

- Ville