Saturday September 4th (day 3)


We had to re-record everything. And with everything I mean everything.

We now have a new full take for song #1, including the drums and the bass, and admittedly the performance is a lot "sharper" than yesterday. Going to continue with maybe #5 or some other, depends on the drummer and his mood.

Having gone through all this hassle I guarantee it's gonna be a killer album with killer drumming and killer bass lines!

I'm off for a cigarette and then some more playing. After all, playing is what we came here for. Mitja will probably keep you up to date with the proceedings of the day later on.

- Ville

Henri came to the studio with his 5 year old son (still four for a couple of months! ^^ - H ), a very promising drummer and engineer.
We made sure that everything sounded better than yesterday, so Marko and Ville moved on to the song number #5.
I left the studio early to practice at home.

Studio rule number one:
Don´t let guitar players plug or unplug anything in the studio.
When i left today, i managed to unplug the power cable of headphone monitors...

Link of the day: