Sunday September 19th (day 14)

1. Thursday.

Well, as a briefing on last week from my perspective, my Thursday was filled with work, soundcheck at Tavastia, work again, company party, Finntroll gig and then that Marduk gig. Needless to say, I was a bit worried about how in the name of Gods I can manage all this without fucking something up, but luckily the producer in me guided me through this hell of a schedule.

2. Friday.

As a result, I had a rather unpleasant workday on Friday at the office, but luckily it was later compensated by carrying large instrument to the studio, badmouthing Ville´s vocals and drinking ten beers. You know, strictly for medicational purposes only. Then again, I don´t remember when was the last time I have laughed so much than we did collectively on friday. Combining demo vocal takes, a collective horrible hangover/ tiredness and beer is a godly mixture sometimes for what it comes to numerous hysterical rolling- on- the- floor- laughter seizures, bad wooden- leg- jokes and sheer mistakes on the vocal lines.

Note to self: Next time avoiding using the word "Pedo" on the lyrics in order to avoid this.

3. Saturday.

I felt much better on Saturday, so we ended up doing keyboards for two songs as Ville already wrote. At 8 PM, we decided it was a marvellous idea to drive all four (!!) cars home and organize a split- taxi- ride back to studio for all of the car- owners in order to....yep, you guessed it- drink beer! While the other guys were too busy composing some bad acoustic Irish music and drinking that beer, I spent a couple of hours in the studio booth still polishing the stuff and playing like it was 1997 (yes, insert a bad synth- BM- joke here, please). At 23 I was ready to throw the keyboards out of the window and we decided to spend more time in drinking. A wise choice, I must say.
We spent the rest of the evening listening to bad music and FAGO KVLT BANDS, some going to sauna, all drinking beer and various other alcoholic beverages such as Koskenkorva. Of course raw, you silly. We´re vikings and ÄIJÄ. HEVI! VITTU! JEE MEITSI! 666!

4. Sunday.

So, about that Sunday. This time for real, I swear.

It started well.

Sender: *hidden for protecting random Antifa attacks*
Received: 4:52 AM

ÄIJÄmeininki! Kossua! PS. En tule studiolle klo 11. No problem.
PPS. Jukalla on avaimet.
PPPS. Sieg Heil!

That particular SMS didn´t luckily wake me up, as I crawled from the bed at 9:30, ready to get to the studio. But as you can judge yourself, some people had apparently drank booze until 5 AM, so after a quick call- up- round we decided it would be best for everyone that we´re starting the day a bit later than usual, which still got even more fucked up and we ended up starting 13:00. How professional!

After working for a couple of hours, we got some visitors from a Finnish pop...erm, goth... ERMMM. *snicker*. band. They had a party in the next room´s studio. Fuck no, I thought and squeezed my car keys even tighter in my pocket. While some other guys decided to crack some beers open, I was enjoying my Gatorade.

(Meanwhile, Ville was busy trying to update our public image into a more futuristic one and I tried desperately to re- design Mitja´s guitar FX box.)

We got some more songs recorded and even had some time for some serious experimenting. Funeral Church Organ = Viking. Right? Well, at least it´s fucking FUNERAL DOOM.
After goofing around with the synths for 7 hours, we finally had everything we needed and were ready to party....I mean going home. Which I did by my trusty car, thus avoiding the temptation of getting plastered with old friends but propably saving my upcoming marriage. :D

I´m too old for this. Luckily I can´t drink anything alcoholic until the next weekend when we have the choir- recordings. *grabs tighter on his C- vitamined juice bottle at the office*

And guess what, dear diary? I decided to use the Moogs, Burzums (!!) and Mellotrons from the demo versions after all. I´d say that was propably 4-5 hours wasted on keyboard tracks that were played at the studio but never will be used after all. Well, no- one will propably give shit about that, but I can sleep better knowing that the keyboards sound exactly how they should. :)

Over and out,


PS: One of the best lines ever done in a song, "Sateenkaari päättyi nakkikioskille" (Leevi and the Leavings: "Pohjois- Karjala", 1986) got even more melancholic and wretched when seemingly, our rainbow ended in...yes, it ended into a pile of emptied beer cans.