Wednesday September 15th (day 10)


The bass was originally recorded using the clean signal only, because we decided to leave the search for THE bass sound for a later stage, ie. when we would have more time to focus on that. We found THE sound on Sunday and left home happy.

Today we re(v)amped the bass through, eh... a guitar amp and a guitar cabinet, to achieve THE sound we were looking for. It is, in a word, crushing. In more familiar terms, it could sound something like a broken bulldozer. We love it.

Now the drums, the bass and all the rhythm guitars are in order and we're listening to how it sounds.

Mitja is waiting to record his guitar solo, while I am also waiting to record my demo takes for the vocals. You see, I still have to figure out a few vocal arrangements and hence I will record everything at least once to hear how it actually will sound like. Mitja also has to compose his solo first. We won't linger here for too long, but if you don't hear of us after this, don't call the police yet as we will surely continue tomorrow.

- Ville