Friday September 17th (day 12)

Today we drank beer. And some Koskenkorva.

The day began with me and Mitja recording some cool guitars which will not be used on this album.

Henri and Markus entered the studio around 5pm, and Jukka a bit later, each of them lamenting over their hangovers. Sniff. Hear the world's smallest violin play just for you. Who told you to drink that much last night?

Oh yeah, it was me.

Or someone else.

We listened to Mitja's guitar solo and it was, well... interesting. We also listened to Marko's ethnic percussive add-ons. They involved some drums, but also keychains and bare male stomachs.

Most of the evening was spent with vocal arrangements, as I watched Henri throwing half of my ideas to the trash bin and making me do some of the demo vocals again. Now it sounds a lot better than if I did it just by myself, you know, even the most genius make mistakes some times.

And the vocals? I'm just talking about demos here. They will be recorded later on in the middle of the forest, in a location that will never be revealed to the public. Or even to ourselves.

Life just got a great deal more exciting.

- Ville