Thursday September 9th (day 6)

Either I have become worse player or the new songs are absolutely, horribly, misanthropically hard for the guitar department. Then again, I´m pretty sure that the "ok, having four different progressions of a chord within 2 seconds while using at least four or five strings simultaneously" had something to with it, though.

And now some interesting facts:

In Moonsorrow, I split all the rhythm guitar arrangements in a way that most of the time, there´s pretty much "one 12- stringed electric guitar" playing in the songs instead of two 6- stringed guitars playing the exact same stuff. And as the parts are divided in a quite late period, I (as I have originally composed, arranged and played them to the demos, having then been playing and rehearsing all the parts for some time) have some seriously hard time sometimes to remember what was my part again and what is Mitja going to play later.

It´s a bit double- edged sword who has it harder, me or Mitja as while I´m stuck with
too much information and also being the worse guitar player of us two, he´s stuck with unknown songs, riffs and goddamn chord progressions to figure out. :D

So! After some time, I actually managed to pull the riffs out within reasonable time limit, and we were ready to start adding some serious feedbacks. Which of course meant that I played quite a many parts of the album again while standing in a small cabin with a HUUUUGE guitar amp blowing in a 110 dB volume onto my face. Luckily I had ear protection, except for that one time. Now what did you say again?

As I had now performed my rhythm- guitar- duties. (Don´t get me started what´s still left... :< ) Mitja´s guitar sound was almost there when we left the studio yesterday. Let´s see if that screechy, midd-ly swirling noise of chaos is still there when I return to the studio after work or have the guys pussied out.

Speaking of which, gotta get to the office.

The Fat Bastard.